Financial Management

Real Estate Investment

As a real estate owner of over 30 senior care facilities and prior ownership of four operating companies, Smith/Packett has a unique and deep understanding of the valuation, development, acquisition, financing, and divestiture of senior care facilities, giving it a strong competitive advantage.

Investment Professionals at Smith/Packett

Smith/Packett Investment Professionals Daniel Dorn and Matt Hayslett (L to R)

The Company’s large database of facility performance information, creates first-hand knowledge of the operational, regulatory, reimbursement and expense realities of each sector in our industry. Every member of the senior management team has had direct, hands-on experience in the management of senior care facilities, bringing unique facility level operational insight, prospective and understanding.

Finally, as one of the most prolific senior care developers in the Southeast, Smith/Packett is also on the cutting edge of market, construction, licensing, and financing issues making us one of the most knowledgeable and involved partners for any transaction.

Operating Partners

Smith/Packett has developed a relatively unique operating model that optimizes the risk/reward opportunities in its markets.

The Company has chosen to build a network of regional operators to manage senior care services at the facility level, functioning as the facility owners and providing the lease structure to the project. This program allows Smith/Packett to provide more flexible lease terms and generate creative structures for the operators.