RSF SP Holdings V – Program 1


RSF SP Holdings V – Program I has been fully subscribed, consisting of 16 properties. Total Project Costs (TPC) committed to date through the program total approximately $116.9M representing committed and invested equity capital of approximately $35.4M. In addition, there are two SP Affordable projects which represent $129K in working capital contributed through June 30, 2012.

Mitchell House

Mitchell House

RSF SP includes the following sixteen projects; six skilled nursing care projects, nine assisted living projects and one residual land project. Six properties were acquisitions and ten projects are new construction. RSF SP has four leased skilled nursing projects under operation (Haywood, Scranton, Stroudsburg and Virginia Beach) and four leased assisted living facilities (Chapel Hill, Meadowview, Mitchell and New Hanover).

To date, the RSF SP Program has generated an aggregate of $1.9M in operating cash flow which have been distributed directly to the investors.

Project Details

Type No. of Projects Beds / Units TPC Equity
Leased Projects 3 345 $30,565,211 $7,000,347
Development Projects 0 0 0 0
Sold Projects 13 0 $86,288,004 $28,439,749
Totals 16 782 $116,853,215 $35,440,096


Total Project Cost $116,853,215
Equity Capital 35,440,096
Equity Percentage 30.33%
Cash Distributions $87,386,680
Projected IRR 63.34%