SPRWE Healthcare Holdings


Tyler's Retreat, a Smith/Packett development

Tyler’s Retreat, Chester, VA

SPRWE Healthcare Holdings, which is fully subscribed, consists of seven projects. The Total Project Cost (TPC) committed to date through the program totals approximately $60.9M representing invested equity capital of approximately $13.5M.

To date, the SPRWE Program has generated an aggregate of $20.3M in operating cash flow which have been distributed directly to the investors.

Project Details

Type No. of Projects Beds / Units TPC Equity
Leased Projects 1 60 $7,120,490 $1,840,880
Sold Projects 6 814 $53,794,594 $11,663,435
Totals 7 874 $60,915,084 $13,504,315


Total Project Cost $60,915,083
Equity Capital $13,504,315
Equity Percentage 22.17%
Cash Distributions $41,771,646
Projected IRR 40.27%