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Our highly experienced development team successfully manages multiple projects through the various stages of identifying underserved markets and desirable sites; through CON and licensure requirements; obtaining zoning, site, and building approvals; as well as securing financing and overseeing construction.

Identify Markets & Sites

  • We understand the critical importance of market research.
  • Our dedicated research team targets high-demand markets by examining the relationship between key demographic attributes and competitive environments.
  • Our analysis and experience allows us to drill down to specific areas of a market that offer the most advantageous position relative to the population, existing development, and competitor locations.
  • Our relationships with industry-leading market analysts means we provide top-shelf market studies to our investors.
  • We engage with the industry’s most respected commercial real estate brokers with local knowledge and meaningful connections.
  • By leveraging brokers with a clear understanding of local zoning ordinances and established relationships in the markets we are targeting, we successfully identify sites that meet all of our needs, in terms of both site characteristics and cost.

Procure CON & Licensure Approvals

  • We understand the intricacies of the CON procurement process.
  • Our company was founded on this expertise. Smith/Packett’s founder, James Smith, has decades of experience and a nuanced understanding of this complex area of government regulation.
  • We are experienced in the complicated procedures involved with applying for CON licensure.
  • Our experience in multiple states means we understand that each state has different requirements and expectations.
  • Our team can provide the sophisticated financial analysis needed by regulators.
  • When necessary, we engage with highly specialized legal counsel to optimize our application and streamline the licensure process.

Obtain Zoning, Site Plan, & Building Plan Approvals

Smith/Packett has extensive experience in effectively evaluating all required processes, approvals and permits to operate, improve and modify the property during development stages. We have a proven track record of successfully acquiring approvals and permits to meet projects stringent timelines and financial goals. As a part of the due diligence process, all proposed site location’s zoning requirements are thoroughly investigated. In the event the current zoning does not allow our use, our team works with the local professionals, government officials, and neighbors to determine the best strategy for obtaining appropriate zoning approval for our project. Concurrently, throughout the development process, the experienced Smith/Packett development team works closely with design professionals and regulatory agencies to ensure that site plans and building plans are submitted to the appropriate entities to obtain all necessary approvals and permits. The required approvals and permits range jurisdictionally from Federal, State, Regional Authorities, or Municipal agencies.

Manage The Design & Construction Bid Processes

Our expert team manages the pre-construction design process, along with the construction process, ensuring all deadlines and the project completion date, while optimizing cost saving opportunities, with an established record of exceeding project financial goals. Development of real estate requires a plethora of design professionals from various disciplines. Smith/Packett places much emphasis on creating a dynamic design team and applying an interdisciplinary approach to all of our projects. Throughout the design process, the Smith/Packett development team works closely with the operational entity and our team of design professionals to ensure the success of each project. Through this dynamic collaborative process, we are able to maximize efficiencies in the design of our communities. Smith/Packett has consistently been able to negotiate construction bids and contracts, in addition to expertly evaluating value-engineering options so that each community is able to benefit from the best environments, while increasing resident accessibility and affordability.

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